Strip House 24 Layer Cake


“Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance.”

While there are many delicacies in NYC, nothing can beat the inexhaustible list of sweet treats in the city. New York is known for its wide variety of innovative and delicious dessert places that can tingle anybody’s sweet tooth. Strip House is one such go-to restaurant for their 24-layer cake. Yes, not one, not two, but a 24-layer cake! This treat is made with slices of coffee and cocoa powder cake alternated with layers of chocolate custard, and topped off with a smooth chocolate ganache. The entire cake weighs 20 pounds but one slice is enough for two people to enjoy.


Strip House is originally a steakhouse with 3 locations across NYC (Downtown, Speakeasy and Midtown) but it has recently become popular for its specialty cake. It is also known for its exclusive wine listing and fine steak slices to give you the authentic New York steak experience. The Strip House on 13th Street (Downtown) has two floors to it, with a fine-dining restaurant on the first floor and a cozy space in the basement. The warm red lighting and burlesque portraits on the walls make for an interesting interior designed by David Rockwell. It’s a perfect place for an evening out with friends and family.




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